Comprehensive Garment Solutions

Brand Strategy

Helping companies develop a cohesive, 360º plan to bring brands to market.

Fabric Development

Providing access to our extensive and expanding library of new, technically advanced fabrics

Apparel Design

A local design and merchandising studio providing global trend forecasting and access to our overseas state-of-the-art design lab and inspiration center

Garment Production

Complete vertical solution for sample development and garment production

Grosswell USA

Redefining The Supply Chain

Grosswell USA offers a range of services from retail to wholesale, private label, design and brand development, giving brands and retailers a full-service studio housing the latest fabric innovations and garment developments in the heart of Northern California.

Our Resources

Nan Yang Textile Group

The leading vertical Textile group
in South East Asia


World-class facility providing trendsetting innovation, complete textile and apparel solutions’


Real-time workshop giving designers the tools and resources that help bring conceptual ideas to reality.

A design and development studio based in the US bringing apparel design and resources to your door.


A boutique factory specializing in fine needle and construction.


A global leader specializing in multi dimensional heat seal embellishments.

OMNI Apparel

One-Stop-Shop for printable and corporate markets.

Nan Yang Inspiration Center – Bangkok, Thailand

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